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COVID test at the hotel

Test by visioconférence


PCR & antigen

Certificat for traveler

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TEST COVID-19 Antigen & PCR

Antigen fast diagnostic in vitro for detection of SARS-CoV-2 (Ag)

PCR diagnostic test in vitro for SARS-CoV-2


  • Test at the room
  • Certificat : 15 minutes (Antigen) - 24 houres (PCR)
  • Certificat for traveler
  • Certificat - bilinguale
  • Certificat - QR code
  • No need to manage money

Program SecuriTEST for the Hotels 

With a view to facilitating access to COVID-19 tests, the program is designed so that you can offer the service directly in your hotel with a minimum of management.

Customers purchase the test over the Internet and take the test via video conference.

As a hotelier you will have the SecuriTEST kits on consignment that you will give to your client. A sum will be given to you for the administration of the deposit.

For all hotels, the antigen test will be available and depending on the location of the hotel the PCR test will be available.


  • Promo Code: You will have to give your hotel promo code for the customer to get the discount and purchase the test for $ 117 for antigen testing and $ 160 for PCR testing.
  • SecuriTEST kit: Kit on consignment. Depending on the location of the hotel, PCR testing is available. Antigen testing is available regardless of region.
  • Business card: Business card to be given to the customer with the website, your promo code and instructions.
  • PUB: Information sheet at reception.
  • Tracking register: Document for the hotelier

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