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I have chosen SECURIMED

 to increase my profitability!

I have chosen SECURIMED 

for optimization services!

I chose SECURIMED for their judicious advise!

Occupational Medical Clinic

What are a few services to increase your profitability?


Booking appointments


The challenge for OHS managers is to have quick availability from specialist doctors. To facilitate their management, we offer our customers to book their month in advance without a worker ID. A follow-up is done 2 weeks before the appointment of the worker who will be on file.

This practice allows managers flexibility because it organizes itself around its availabilities.

The SECURI-APPS is an interface that gives real-time availability of specialist doctors.

Turnkey service

Enterprise solution

The turnkey service enables companies to take charge of their needs by our dedicated teams.

The company can determine the limits of the service as well as if it wants it for a particular service or for several until the complete outsourcing of their department.

Such a service can optimize your resources.

Acceleration of Appointment

Medical Concierge

The service has been implemented for all of the needs of businesses.

This means that the acceleration of appointments is not only for rehabilitation workers, but also for the family close to leaders, the workers who are not stopped, the immigrant clientele not having a RAMQ card, access to tests, etc.

The goal is to keep the worker on his job by dealing with him quickly.

Delivery of reports


We have set up a team of nurses who contacts Human Resources to explain the peculiarities of the candidates and thus see with them if it would be possible to integrate the worker in another position.

The philosophy is not to restrict a candidate's employment, but to assess with the client how it can integrate the worker.

Review - Functional Capacity


At pre-employment, we offer a kinesiologist's exam to evaluate the candidate's functional ability.

On the other hand, we have developed criterias that allow companies to not only know if the person has physical strengths but suggestions on how to integrate them to get a permanent job.

Live Q

Pre-employment - MEDIFAX

The Live Q is a service where candidates complete the medical questionnaire directly with our medical technicians.

Several benefits with human resources, because it avoids the manipulation of paper and it is very fast since it is handled at the time of the call, so there is no waiting. 

For candidates who do not have a high level of education or have difficulty with the language, this service is very reassuring for them.


Pre-employment - MEDIFAX

The current stakes is to hire quickly to keep the candidate from heading to the benefits of another organization.We have therefore set up a team that can reach thecandidates from 8:30 to 21:30 during 6 days per week.

This organization of the service makes it possible to accelerate the processing of requests and thus allow Human Resources to hire quickly.

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